Established in 2011, Prime Slots Casino is one of the newer and more intriguing online casinos. A quick visit to the site will reveal that this is no ordinary online casino. Now, there have been polarizing reviews for this casino online, and it’s important to look at both sides of the coin when considering whether this is the right casino for you.

We have experienced the casino firsts hand, along with reading the reviews. So, we have decided to take the time to give you an idea of what to expect from this casino. That way you can formulate your own conclusions and decide if this is the right casino for your next gambling adventure.


As you’d expect from a casino called Prime Slots, there is a wonderful range of slots games available. Multiple software providers have combined to produce a great range of games for this casino, including Thunderkick, Play ‘n’ Go and NetEnt. Some of the best slots around can be found right here, and the volume of choice is jaw-dropping. Scroll through the games available; you should have no problem trying to find a game to suit your interests.

Another of the big plus points here is the website and the way it’s designed. We can’t tell you how many online casinos we’ve been to that have really poor websites. And this can put a dampener on proceedings before you even get underway. Luckily, Prime Slots have spent the time making their look smart, modern, and original, and this is greatly to their advantage.

The Welcome Bonus is also something that should appeal with this casino. There is a £200 Welcome Bonus to claim, along with plenty of Free Spins as well. You can use the bonus options here to really help make a difference to your betting. If you want to get the most out of your slots experience, you should try to make use of the bonuses that are on offer as much as possible.


There appear to be two main issues cited as being a problem with this casino. For a start, there is no option for players to opt out of accepting bonuses. This is annoying and frustrating because it means you have to play through the wagering limits before you’re in a position to cash out. A lot of people don’t like to go for the bonus, or they like to choose from a variety of options, but, with no option otherwise, this can be an issue for some players.

Another of the issues that seem to crop up in reviews we have seen of Prime Slots is that it is not very trustworthy. This seems mainly to do with the fact that their affiliate partners have been caught up in situations of non-randomness, and trying to hide Ts&Cs. That’s not to suggest that the casino themselves are caught up in questionable goings on, but sometimes it’s not worth chancing it.

Karamba is a fresh, modern, and sleek online casino that has been around since 2005. You may have come across this casino on your travels, but, perhaps you don’t know too much about it. Well, if you are seriously considering signing up for this casino, you have to make sure you know as much as possible about it.

That’s why you need to look at what the casino is like, and how well it is designed. There are so many things that casinos can offer you, and it’s important to understand what you want to get from this one. So, dip into our review, and see what we thought of the casino before you make a decision about whether to spend your money there.


The style of the casino is something that is important to take into account. You have to look at how the website is designed, and what it looks like when you sign up. The style of the site is fun, colourful, and well put together. It’s something that will appeal to you and is easy on the eye for new customers. It has a sleek and accomplished interface, offering an easy-to-navigate website. Sometimes you can become a little overwhelmed by the whole process of trying to find your way around a casino website. That’s why it’s important for casinos to make sure they have a well-designed website. This is certainly in that category, and it made the whole experience much more pleasant and enjoyable.

Responsible Gambling

There is a focus these days on making sure people are more responsible when they gamble. So much so that many casinos are putting measures in place to ensure their clients and being responsible. Players can team up with Karamba and set their own gambling limits for purchases and losses, etc. That means you will never get to the stage where you’re spending too much money. The casino will essentially block you out for the rest of the day if you are in danger of reaching this point. Not all casinos offer this kind of support and service, so, the ones that do need to be taken seriously. Their responsible gambling section is one of the big strong points of Karamba as a casino and should encourage you to stay signed up.


How many casinos can you think of that give you a strategy that can help you become successful?! Well, that’s exactly what Karamba does, when they offer you a slots strategy breakdown. Click on this tab, and you’ll be taken to a page where you can read up on a strategy for playing slots. Of course, there is no absolute when you’re playing on slots as they are luck based. But strategies such as this one are important for helping you achieve a better chance of success in the slots world.

If slot games are your poison, you may want to check out the appropriately titled Slotty Vegas Casino. This online casino offers one of the most extensive arrays of slots games online, and they demand to be discovered. We thought we’d sign up to Slotty Vegas and try it on for size. And here is the result of our findings; this review tells you what you need to know about Slotty Vegas.


As we mentioned, the selection of games on offer here are pretty awesome. If you click on the All Games tab, you’ll find a selection of slots, classics, and Live Casino games. Under the classics tab, you’re going to find awesome table games like Pontoon, Baccarat, and Poker. And, the Live Casino offers a wonderful variety of Blackjack and Roulette games. But, it’s the slots that are the real appeal here; the name is Slotty Vegas after all. There are some wonderfully complex, colourful and immersive video slots available. We would recommend the Wild Wild West, Game of Thrones, and Piggy Riches slots to try out.


Bonuses are always an attractive part of any casino, and they provide the chance to capitalise on some of the offers the casino can give you. If you don’t want to bother with a wagering process, you might decide you want to skip the whole bonus idea entirely. However, if you like bonuses, you need to check out what Slotty Vegas can give you. For starters, you will receive a Welcome Bonus for signing up, which will consist of money and Free Spins. And they also have Supercharged Wins to help boost what you wind up winning. These are cool and unique bonus features that you can enjoy by taking advantage when you sign up.


Mobile casinos are all the rage these days, and many of the online casinos are moving to mobile platforms. You need to be able to take advantage of the mobile format of casinos these days. You can now enjoy your favourite casino games straight from your smartphone by accessing the casino on your browser, or via the mobile app. You can enjoy all aspects of this casino, just in a more scaled down version. Those early morning train commutes to work just got much more enjoyable!


When you sign up to a casino, you have to think about how secure it is. There are a lot of things that can determine how safe and secure a casino is. Slotty Vegas has taken a lot of time to ensure security is one of its focal points. It is verified by Visa and makes use of Neteller, Paysafe, and WebMoney in order to ensure more secure transactions. Additionally, the casino is secured by GeoTrust, and licensed by the Gambling Commission so you can be sure your money is in a safe place.

William Hill is one of the most well-known and respectable names on the casino circuit. There’s no doubt you’ll have heard of them before, even if you haven’t used them yet. These casino heavyweights attract customers from over 150 different countries and offer more than 20 different languages. There are so many things to admire about this casino, and one or two things that aren’t so great, so let’s dive in and find out more.


There are plenty of positives when it comes to choosing William Hill. It’s a leading brand in the casino world, and for good reason. Their selection of games is truly impressive, and they even offer things like Scratchcards and Bingo, along with a whole host of other popular and award-winning games and the majority of them have great odds of winning. The selection here is so vast that it should appeal to anyone, whether they are seasoned gamblers or rookies.

You can also download software onto the computer that will allow you to play straight from your desktop without ever having to go online. This gives you a cool and alternative way of accessing the casino and enjoying it as much as you can.

One of the major positives of William Hill is that they have a sportsbook as well as a casino. This means that players can enjoy casino gambling, but also bet on sports as well at the same time. Many online casinos don’t have a sports book section, so this is something you need to make the most of. You can bet on your favourite sporting events while having a flutter on some of the casino’s best slots at the same time.


There are a couple of drawbacks to William Hill and signing up to use them as a casino. The first and most important to know about is that they have been associated with software that is compromised in the past. This makes them a casino that many might consider avoiding. There is not concrete proof of this, but some of the companies they have been associated with have had dodgy dealings in the past, so it’s up to you whether this is a deal breaker for you.

Moving onto the casino itself, there are a couple of drawbacks, most notably weight her customer support and withdrawals. First of all, many of the customer service agents don’t speak English particularly well, and this can lead to all manner of confusions and frustrations. Email correspondence can take a long time, and the Live Chat option isn’t always great.

Withdrawals can also be a pain because of verification purposes. The first time, in particular, that you choose to withdraw money, you are going to have to go through a lot to prove who you are. This means sending in passport pictures, etc. It can be a massive pain, and may well be something that puts you off.

Sometimes, when you’re searching for a new casino, it’s important to take into account the stature and reputation of the casino. Some casinos are seasoned veterans, while others are the new kids on the block. And you have to decide which sort you would prefer. This, of course, means looking at coming up with as many positives and negatives between the two.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at one of the longest running online casinos in the world. JackpotCity is one of the oldest and most respected online casinos, having been launched way back in 1998! This veteran, award-winning casino has been named among the Best of Online Gaming multiple times in its career. So, we’re going to look a little closer into this casino, and see what it has to offer you as a budding gambler.


One of the earliest things you’ll notice about this casino is its unique use of colours. You may not think colours play much of a role when it comes to choosing the next casino you’re going to use, but it should. The way a casino looks can tell you a lot about it and goes a long way towards attracting players to sign up. JackpotCity employs the use of purple a lot; this is no mistake. The colour of royalty has a great impact on the eye, and it makes this casino look like one of the most professional and well designed on the web. We’re sure you’ll agree that it has a smart, modern and trendy look about it, and that’s something that can play a big part in making it an appealing casino for you.


Often, when thinking about signing up to, or playing on, an online casino, you want to know a little about the history. That means understanding how much of a success rate you’re likely to have. Looking back at past casino winners will give you a good idea of how worthwhile it is signing up, and shows that the casino does have regular payouts. JackpotCity neatly displays its winners under a Latest Winners tab, where you can see the most recent winners and how much they have scooped. It also displays the jackpots total to give you an idea of what the casino can offer.


The bonuses are perhaps the main reason for most people to sign up to a specific casino, and JackpotCity certainly offers five-star bonuses to customers. There’s a Welcome Bonus of up to $1,600 to claim, and you can get started right away. There is also a loyalty program where you can gain points and use these to help you with more bonuses. There may not be as many bonus features as other casinos offer, but the ones that are on offer are pretty attractive. All in all, they make JackpotCity one of the most attractive and unforgettable casinos on the net.

You might not be too familiar with Empire777 Casino, and that might have something to do with the fact that it’s a Malaysian casino. Still, it is one of the wonderful online offerings that deserves to be discovered. We didn’t know much about this casino before we did a bit of digging, but now we’re glad we do. It has so much to offer the online gambler, and it’s certainly a place you need to check out.

If you are curious about this casino, it’s time to start considering what the benefits of it are. And, the best thing to do in that sense is to check out our review. We have checked out the casino and what it has to offer. And this will help you to understand what this casino is like and why you should consider it.


First off, let’s get a load of the design of this casino. It perfectly uses the combination of yellow and black to produce a vibrant and attractive design. It also helps make the website look much smarter, and the casino more professional. It’s wonderfully laid out clear and easy to navigate. User-friendly casinos are always the most popular because people just want to get down to playing. The design and layout of Empire777 is one of the most appealing things about the casino as a whole.


There is a decent array of games to choose from; they don’t have the largest range, but by no means the smallest either. The games on offer are some of the most popular and interesting around. The casino is free from the confines of sports betting, and dedicates all its resources to casino game betting. They have some cool slots to choose from and are constantly adding new games, such as World Warlords and Matsuri. There is also a decent offering in the Table Games department, with the Roulette being a particular highlight. The games are about what you would expect from a decent online casino.


The real jewel in the crown of Empire777 is the VIP member program they offer. This exclusive program is run by invite only, and, if you are lucky enough to be chosen, you can really improve your casino experience. There are so many awesome benefits and extra bonuses you’ll be able to enjoy with this VIP membership scheme. It really goes a long way to look after members and make sure they are valued, customers. We would recommend this VIP program as being one of the best we’ve seen of any online casino.

Customer Service

The customer service is great, and there are plenty of options for players to get in touch with operators. There is a live chat option that runs from 8am to 6am, so it’s very nearly 24-hour! As a bonus, the casino also offers a number where they can be contacted via WhatsApp. This is a cool way of keeping in contact and dealing with any issues you might have while you’re on the move.


Spin Palace Casino has been around for quite some time now and has actually become one of the most popular online casinos around. Don’t let the name ‘Spin Palace’ lead you astray; the site has such a diverse range of games to offer players, including slots, Blackjack, Baccarat, Video Poker, Keno, Craps, Scratch Cards, Roulette and Live Games too. Altogether there’s actually just shy of 800 games available to play - 200 made for mobile devices and 600 for desktop devices! This broad range means that players can indulge in hours of fun and will often feel stuck for choice when it comes to choosing a game to play - you won’t get bored of Spin Palace Casino quickly, that’s for sure!


One of the great aspects to the casino is their welcome bonus for all new players. When you place your first ever deposit with the casino, you can earn a 100% match of your bet. When you place your second and third bet you can win a 25% match and then a 50% match. When you take the caps of these matches into consideration, it works out to an overall total of £1,000 that can be earned from the casino if you’re a new player.

Demo Mode

Another great advantage to the site is that they allow players to play all of the games in demo mode first, meaning that you don’t have to play the game with real money first- you can play with ‘pretend’ money so to speak, to get a feel for the game and see if you want to play it properly with real money.


Payout speed is relatively quick, taking between 1 and three days to reach your account, with a payout rate of almost 98%- a level that’s extremely high. Unfortunately Spin Palace is not a bitcoin casino, so it doesn’t accept bitcoin as forms of payment yet. Most other currencies are accepted, though.

Customer Service

The customer service for Spin Palace Casino is of an exceptional quality too. There is a phone number to call, a support email and also a live chat feature which can be accessed 24/7. The people manning the lines get back to you within an hour or so, so it’s relatively quick to get any issues you have with the site resolved.



Being able to emulate that real casino experience in your own home thanks to online casinos is really quite exciting. However, it can get quite lonely at times, and nothing emulates the buzz of finding out from the dealer that you’ve made a big win. Well, Royal Vegas Casino has stepped things up a notch! Having been referred to as the ‘online version of Las Vegas’, there really isn’t much to complain about when it comes to Royal Vegas Casino. They have a live casino option for games, and this isn’t available exclusively for laptops but also works for phones and tablets too, so if you want to play on the go, you can do.

Having been in business since 2000, Royal Vegas Casino has managed to make firm foundations in the casino and gambling community that has helped them to become one of the most highly commended casinos in the world. There are so many good aspects to the site that you can’t help but to enjoy using it and making the most of that! However, if live casinos aren’t your thing and you haven’t been sold on Royal Vegas Casino yet, maybe you can be tempted by some of the games they do have on offer.

Games & Bonuses

Obviously, there is a whole bunch of different slot games, some of which are progressive jackpot slots, all of which have the potential for you to become winners. Then there are all of your table games; Baccarat, Roulette, Craps, Blackjack, Keno and even scratch cards.

Bonuses on Royal Vegas Casino are not to be sniffed at! All new players get a bonus of $100 upon the first deposit, and this continues in varying amounts for the next four deposits, all up to $750.

Security & Fairness

Big on security and fair play, Royal Vegas games have all been tested by an external company to ensure fairness. The organization Roya Vegas Casino chose to use, eCogra, send out monthly reports to all of the investors and regular visitors to the site can see just how the games are working and can see hard evidence themselves from the external company to make sure that fair play is being implemented at all times.



LeoVegas Casino is one that doesn’t involve any downloads whatsoever - you can play in your browser, meaning you don’t have to take up any memory on your PC or laptop. The casino has a really diverse range of over 300 games for players to choose from, including a fantastic mix of slot games and table games. While there is a good variety of video poker, Blackjack, Baccarat and so on, the primary focus of the casino is on the wide range of slot machines that they have on offer from manufacturers such as Play ‘n’ Go and Bally Casino

Bonuses & Promotions

LeoVegas Casino offers players some really excellent bonuses and promotions, both on a regular basis and for special occasions. Of course, there is a sign-up bonus, as is offered by almost all casinos, both real and online. All new players to LeoVegas Casino receive 20 free spins as well as a £100 bonus, which is a very generous offer indeed. In addition to this, new players receive an extra 25 free spins after their first deposit and varying amounts of bonus money for the following three deposits after this.

Deposits & Withdrawals

There is an excellent process for making deposits and withdrawals on LeoVegas Casino. There is a broad range of different payment offers for players to pick from including a diverse variety of e-wallets such as iDeal, Neteller and Skrill, as well as bank transfers and all major debit and credit card providers. Better still, all transfers happen within the same day (provided it’s not a weekend), unlike some online casinos where players are left waiting for quite a few days.

There is a minimum of £10 for both deposits and withdrawals.

Help & Support

The customer service support from LeoVegas is phenomenal. You can access it 24/7 in a multitude of languages and in as many different ways too, from phone to email to live chat services. The phone number to call is a freephone number, but the most efficient way to get in touch with someone on the customer services team is definitely via the live chat feature, as this is built into the casino and means players can continue to play while waiting to be spoken to.


History and Background

Arriving on the scene in 2014, Casino Heroes is one of the newest online casinos to hit the internet. However, in the short time that it has been around, it has managed to earn itself a relatively good reputation. A number of software and game developers have contributed to the design of Casino Heroes, including the likes of BetSoft, Microgaming, NetEnt and Play’n Go. All of these businesses provide top of the range software and games, so it’s hardly a surprise that the Casino Heroes website is so popular already.


Casino Heroes has many different types of games; the primary type being video slot games. You can find slot machines with their own unique themes, as well as features such as progressive slots, jackpots, reels and wild cards. There’s no denying that there is more than enough opportunity here to make a lot of additional money.

It isn’t just slots that players have to choose from when they’re playing on Casino Heroes; there is also a vast range of video poker games, Blackjack games, roulette games, Baccarat games and other table games on offer to all players, so there is definitely a little bit of something for everyone.

Money Matters

In terms of making withdrawals and deposits, Casino Heroes banking methods could not be any better. All deposits made on the site are relatively quick, with most of them happening instantly. Withdrawals can take up to three working days, but this is actually quite speedy compared to some other places. As for methods of payments, players can use Visa debit and credit cards, Mastercard, do a bank transfer or use e-wallets such as Skrill and Neteller.

Mobile Casino

Another bonus on Casino Heroes belt is that the game is fully adapted to mobile devices. This means that you can access the casino on mobile phones and tablets as long as you have access to 3G or 4G connections or have a WiFi connection.